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  • Students watch the video up to 1.59 mins.
  • Pairs tell each other what they remember.
  • Pairs imagine an ending to the story and write it down.
  • Students read their ending to the class.
  • Show the rest of the video to the class.
Suggested video: 
Ana Maria Menezes



  • Have a look at the WORD CLOUD. Do you understand all the words?
  • Now, watch part of the video below (up to 3.30 mins) and try to identify the words from the image.
  • In Pairs, make sentences about the video using the words from the cloud

Ex: He opened the …….. with the ……….

  • Teacher elicits sentences.
  • What ingredients did Mr. Bean use for his sandwich?

  • Show the wordcloud below and ask students to predict  the story of the video. (PAIRS)
  • Students watch the video .
  • Pairs try to reconstruct or retell the story using the wordcloud (Speaking or Writing activity).

This great activity was created by a colleague, Eloisa Paula.
THe focus of the class was Reported Speech. A student of hers showed her a video in which a little kid gets stuck behind the couch. 
Then, what she did was, the moment the student showed them the video, she elicited some sentences said by the little boy  and asked the students to REPORT what the little kid said.


Reported Speech Activity Based


  • ask students to write the heading for  two lists in their notebooks (CITY LIFE / NATURE)
  • Students watch the video and have to complete the lists by writing down vocabulary related to each topic as it appears in the video.
  • Debriefing: ask students what words they’ve written down.
  • In pairs students discuss what they understood about the video.
Suggested video: 

I used this video w/ a group after having taught the usage of USED TO (past habits)

WHILE watching: ask sts to make sentences w/ used to about the video
Ex: The man used to ……
The boy used to ………
AFTER watching: Write down some sentences sts have created.
Pairs make sentences about their past habits. 
Ana Maria Menezes
You can use this activity as a warmer after having taught Future verb tenses.

– Watch the video beforehand in order to select the best moments to pause it.
– Then, in class, whenever you pause the video, ask sts “What´s HE going to do next?” to elicit sentences with GOING TO.
– Show the part and see who guessed the right action.
– Do the same thing, at various moments of the video.

The video-activity is short, fun and interesting.